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Pet-friendly transportation in Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Unfortunately, Hong Kong does not allow pets on a lot of public transportation such as busses, trams or MTR. However, there are still options available to us adventurous pet owners looking to venture out and explore Hong Kong. Here are some to name a few👇


All Hong Kong Taxis, should take pets. However, this is also down to the driver’s discretion and it is not uncommon for drivers to turn down guests for simply having a dog with them.

If you would like to avoid the disappointment, you can book a taxi by simply downloading the Hong Kong Taxi app to flag taxis in your immediate vicinity, at no extra cost. However, do note that it is custom for animals to be charged at $5 HKD per pet. When booking a taxi via the app, be sure to check “with pets” un the “Remarks” section to avoid any misunderstandings with the driver upon booking.


Uber Pet is now available in Hong Kong, and you can directly request a Pet Friendly Ride for you and your pet with UberX. Simply download the app, and choose "Tap to customize" under UberX and swipe to add Pet Friendly Ride. The cost will be slightly greater than Hong Kong Taxis, especially if you are bringing a pet along with you, but you will also be riding in comfort with Teslas and Toyota Hybrids available for your cruising pleasure.


Call4Van is a delivery van service that also provides pet transportation, with an additional charge of $15 HKD, regardless on the number of pets. Simply download the app to order and at any hour of the day as 24-hour service is available. Click here for more info.


Most people know Gogovan as a way of exporting or moving goods, but you can actually use it as a means to get around with your pets too with no limitation on the number of animals. Only drawback is that each pet will be charged at $10 HKD. However, it’s worth it purely for the peace of mind for transporting a large number of pets, without the hassle. Download the app and book your van. 24-hour service is available.


Similar to Gogovan, most people would associate Lalamove as an ad-hoc moving company. However, they too can help you and your pet get around. However, unlike Gogovan there is a limit of up to 5 pets per van, and each pet will be charged at $10 HKD per animal. Click here for more info.

Total Van

Are you looking for a pet transportation service with the total package? Then the lesser known, but equally capable, Total Van, could be just just the service for you - and the best part? Unlike Gogovan or Lalamove, you won’t be charged extra for pets. Call (+852) 2396 6666 to book or visit their

website for more info.


If you’re looking for a man with a van, that’s specifically dog-friendly, 99VIP is for you! Nine, in Cantonese (gáu) sounds like "dog" in Cantonese, and is often used in pet brand names as a play on words. 99VIP actually offers other pet services such as animal communication, pet grooming and boarding. Although there is no extra charge for pets when hiring their van services, you will need to book ahead as 24 hour service is not available. Click here for more info

Golden Pet Pet Express

Another private pet transportation company, Golden Pet Pet Express, aims to make getting around Hong Kong with your pup that much easier. No extra charge per pet is required and 24-hour service is available. For more info, click here or book via WhatsApp: +851 69925221


If you’re looking for transportation on a larger scale, you will want to hit up our friends at 99bus to hire their 21 or 60-seater bus. Price varies according to location, time and day of transportation, but you can expect a price between $2,000 - $3,000 HKD for a trip between Hong Kong Island to the New Territories, and back. Like us, 99bus offer monthly excursions for dog owners to go explore parts of Hong Kong with your pups, so be sure to keep an eye out for their trip announcements on their Facebook page, and reach out to them via messenger to book. If 99bus are busy, you can try contact BusPro via WhatsApp (+852) 9629 5409 for other dog-friendly bus options.


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Pet Ambulance

If (*touch wood*) in the event of an emergency, you require urgent assistance getting your pet to your nearest vets in the middle of the night, you can contact Hong Kong's only pet ambulance service run by Pet Club. The ambulances are operated by professionally trained pet medics, and come equipped with oxygen supply tanks, stretchers and first aid supplies. Emergency hotline: 9782 2999

Enquiries: 9738 8103/2480 9234

Hours: 8pm - 6am Click here for more information on Animal Hospitals and Emergency Numbers.


Got a question for us? Leave a comment below, or ask our members in our forum.

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