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I don't have a dog, can I still join?
Of course! You just need to enjoy a good adventure and the company of dogs - lots, and lots of dogs!

I've never really hiked before, can we still join?
Most of our trips allow you to explore individually at your own pace, unless it specifically states "not suitable for beginners", "intermediate" or "advanced" on the registration page.
We always advise participants to only do what they and their dogs are comfortable with.

Can I join if my dog is reactive?
These trips are not suitable for dogs with a bite history.
If your dog is not comfortable being around other dogs and people, we advise against joining as we usually have a minimum of 30 people and dogs on any one trip, which can be a bit overwhelming for a nervous or reactive dog.

Do I need to let my dog off leash?
This is up to you!
It is your responsibility to keep your own dog under proper control, and not be a nuisance to wildlife, other guests on the trip, or the general public.
If you do decide to let your dog off leash only do so in the country parks if your dog has good recall.
Just a reminder, according to the law, all dogs must be kept on a leash or under proper control in public places. Dogs weighing 20kg or above must be held securely on a leash of not more than 2m in length in public places (except Country Parks).

Do I need to bring a muzzle?
We only require you bring a muzzle if our trip involves catching a public ferry. Otherwise this is down to your own personal preference. 

Should I be worried about Leptospirosis?
Leptospirosis is a fatal bacterial disease caused by the ingestion of contaminated water, and you have every right to be concerned. To ensure the safety of your dogs on our trip, we advise bringing plenty of water to keep them hydrated, and keeping a close eye on them to ensure they do not swim in, or drink from any streams or pools of water.

Our trips are a great opportunity to explore the great outdoors with our dogs and meet other likeminded folks, but still have risks.
Please read our T&C's and find our Risk Agreement below to understand these risks before agreeing to join one of our trips.

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