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The first explore

We love exploring the great outdoors, and we love dogs, and together, we think the combination is just unbeatable!
As a way to connect explorers and their dogs, we hosted our first ever trip on a weekday in July 2020, to explore a small, remote island in Sai Kung, and a whopping 27 people and their dogs showed up!
Since then, we have been hosting monthly excursions on the first Saturday of every month to explore different parts of Hong Kong, all whilst raising money for our local animal shelters, as a way to give back and support the community that gave us these wonderful hiking companions to begin with!

Read our origin stories below!


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Stephanie first started exploring Hong Kong with her rambunctious beagle, Tigger, at the age of 14, until he unfortunately passed of cancer in 2018, at the ripe old age of 14.
It wasn't until Stephanie fostered Lola from a shelter that rescued meat trade dogs in Dongguan, that her love for exploring the outdoors with dogs was rekindled once more. 

Now Stephanie and Lola spend their days exploring different parts of Hong Kong. 
When Lola is not throwing herself into a body of water, she's either hanging her head out a car window or alerting you to our arrival at our next adventure.

About: Team Members


These trips would not be possible without our trusty Ambassadors! Get to know them below👇



Rocky is a rescue pup from SPCA and is big sister to Kaiya and Oscar, both mutts from LAP and Catherine’s Puppies. When out exploring herself she’s one to explore off-route and rocky roads, but when with her gang she makes sure her baby sis is looked after and that the whole crew sticks together. Rocky is the face of FOR THE LOVE OF DOG - a drawing project by Philippa that raises funds for dog shelters in Hong Kong.


Niko is an Australian Shepherd Mix, adopted by Michelle and Dennis in LA, before they moved to Hong Kong in 2019.
Niko is easily excitable, active, and loves to channel his energy through his Agility and Tricks training, and his love of frisbee.
Niko is a fan of exploring off-leash, sharing fruits with his humans, and loves his fair share of treats (despite his allergies to some).
Together, they have explored the US countryside and are now making their way through Hong Kong’s, one trail at a time.



Meet Nancy, 八筒 8tung and Yuan - 八筒 8tung was adopted from Lifelong Animal Protection, and named after the mahjong tile for her parents’ love of the game.
She was found with her siblings on a construction site in New Territories in Dec 2016 before being adopted and is now loving life as the Chief Testing Officer for @petisan_hk
八筒 8tung loves her carbs, and is a bit of a free spirit, often exploring off-piste


Nesa started her animal rescue journey with Kirsten’s Zoo back in 2016 (surprisingly with three foster cats). Realising she’s more of a dog lady, the family welcomed Malo in 2019 - it was love at first sight. Inspired by his warm nature, they started regularly fostering and volunteering at VKBL, TAILS Lantau, and Kirsten's Zoo. After going through countless pee pads and floor cleanses, they finally did a #fosterfail when Marcie came into their life in 2022! The new fam bam now enjoys all types of outdoor activities, pawties, and making new furry friends!



Meh Meh was adopted by sisters Mina and Lilian in 2018 when he was a 8-month old tiny sheep (hence his name).
Meh Meh is now a spoiled kid at home and enjoying his life as a fluffy adventurer. He loves chasing butterflies and “chewing”pebbles on the beach.
Fun fact about Meh Meh - Sea water is his natural make up remover, cause it turns Meh Meh from a fluffy ball to a wet mop


Juan is originally from Colombia and came to Hong Kong 11 years ago, to pursue his work as a Pilates instructor.
He adopted Jay from SPCA's Wanchai headquarters when he was just six months old, and has been a blessing in Juan's life. 
Now, six years on, Juan and Jay are regulars on our Exploring Dogs trips ever since joining us back in November 2020, and frequently look forward to our next outing, where Jay can enjoy two of his favourite things; green and water!



Amber is our eldest Exploring Dog member at 12 years old, and is a 12/10 good girl.
Amber was adopted in 2021 by Merissa, when her family were relocating and couldn't take her with them. You wouldn't think it when you see these two together, as these two have such a strong bond, and Amber goes everywhere with Merissa off-leash - even travelling with her to Singapore for a short vacay!


Nat and Merry rarely miss an Exploring Dogs trip!
Merry was a foster fail from Kirsten's Zoo, and joined their Sai Kung Stray Friends alum, Chloe, who is a little more timid and prefers quieter walks away from the crowds.
The two now lead a life of luxury as their humans now frequently prepare an assortment of dehydrated treats at home.



Kelly began volunteering for Hong Kong Dog Rescue when she returned from New York, and it was at this shelter where Kelly met her first foster fail, Addie. 
When out on an adventure, Addie likes to zoom off trail, and has recently been converted into a water dog - you'll occasionally see her doing action-shot-worthy leaps into the water, and she loves anything round or resembles a ball!
Maybe because it reminds her of her sister at home - a grey toy poodle named Kaya, from VKBL.

About: Team Members


All you need to do is be a frequent explorer on one of our trips, and know the lay of the land! If you're ready to lead a group and take on your Ambassador duties, just reach out and let us know!

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