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Top holiday destinations for Hong Kong dog owners

With the rise in relocation amidst the pandemic, more and more people are looking into vacationing with their pet overseas, and pet relocation expert, Melody Fork from Global Paws HK, shares some tips for pet owners to consider before booking your tickets.

Some of the top holiday destinations for pet owners traveling from Hong Kong include...

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a great destination for those who want to travel with their dog. Although it may not be as accommodating to dogs as some parts of Europe, as dogs travelling in and out must travel as manifest cargo - there are still many dog-friendly establishments, such as pubs, cafes, parks, and even beaches. Good thing is once you have landed in the UK you can rent a car and drive around the EU and vice versa, opening up your travel opportunities to other parts of the world! You just need to make sure that you get the necessary EU/GB health certificate.

A top spot to visit is the Lake District and Wales, where you will find plenty of great walks and hikes, with breathtaking views