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5 things you need to travel overseas with your pet

With the rise in relocation amidst the pandemic, more and more people are looking into vacationing with their pet overseas, and pet relocation expert, Melody Fork from Global Paws, shares some tips for pet owners to consider before booking your tickets.

Depending on which country you are choosing to travel to, the requirements are as follows:

1. Rabies Vaccine

Rabies vaccination is a legal requirement for all dogs in Hong Kong, and is directly linked to their dog license, so that AFCD can monitor and ensure all dogs are vaccinated. Hong Kong is classified as a rabies-controlled country which makes it easy to travel in and out of without the need to quarantine. The rabies vaccine can be done either with Global Paws' vet during home visits or directly at AFCD Animal Management Center - they have a few branches across Hong Kong - cheapest and quickest option, no need to make an appointment just turn up with your dog (you must be the owner) and license during their office hours.

AFCD AMD Locations, Opening hours: 09:00-13:00, 14:00- 16:30 (daily)

2. Annual vaccinations

Annual vaccinations are required by some but not mandatory for all countries. It is, however, recommended, as your pet will be in close quarters with other animals during the flight. This reduces the chances of your pet catching something during the flight.