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Exploring Lake Como with Dogs

The famous Lake Como is the perfect destination to visit with your dog.  This dreamy place is more than just picturesque views, it is full of dog-friendly activities and amazing restaurants and bars. 

Dog and human at Bellano

Global Paws explored some of the most popular sites and the quieter town to share some insights with you for your trip to Lake Como with your pup!

Dog on Ferry Lake Como


First thing's first! It’s super easy to get around to different towns around the lake by car. Ferries are inexpensive and you can take your car across, just check the ferry schedule here. Dogs are welcome and the ferry system is really easy to navigate - simply drive on, park, then get out to enjoy the view of the lake. 


We stayed in Hotel Meridiana, a boutique art hotel.  The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, and the furnished terrace overlooks the lake and the hotel's private dog-friendly beach below.  You can easily spend an afternoon relaxing on the pebble beach or enjoying the jacuzzi on the terrace. 

The whole hotel is very dog-friendly and your dog is be allowed to go to most areas of the hotel with you, including the restaurant.

Visit Orrido di Bellano is Como's best kept secret. The natural gorge created 15 million years ago by the erosion of the River Pioverna and the Adda glacier which, over the centuries, has formed gigantic potholes, dark ravines and mystical caves. For €5 per person, you can take a short walk (around 20 minutes) to see the breathtaking waterfall along the full loop. Dogs go for free, the route is very impressive, between waterfalls and natural caves, breathtaking views and rich vegetation, the sun is reflected in the ravines and you can feel the power of the waterfall.

Dog next to Chiesa Prepositurale dei Santi Nazaro e Celso

Right next to Orrido di Bellano is Chiesa Prepositurale dei Santi Nazaro e Celso - lovely chapel with beautiful artworks, is it free to go in and dog friendly.

Dine at Ristorante Pizzeria Open for inexpensive and mouth-wateringly delicious pizza and pasta, with alfresco seating overlooking the lake.  

Dog sleeping at a bar

Finish the night off with a night cap at TRUTH.  The staff are very professional, friendly and really make you feel at home. This in addition to its location on a quiet Italian street makes it the perfect way to end the trip.


Menaggio is a scenic little town by the side of Lake Como, the views are spectacular looking over the lake towards Belaggio and then Northwards towards the snow tipped mountains.

Car on Ferry Lake Como

Menaggio is central for trips to all areas of the lake, and you can take your car on the ferry to get from Bellano to Menaggio. 

Menaggio Restaurant

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and ice cream parlours just minutes from the ferry pier with beautiful views of the lake.  Grab a gelato and take a walk down by the lake or around the historic centre of Menaggio, which is mostly flat. Visit Via Calvi, which is a small pedestrian street, home to small boutiques and shops selling local products.

Depending on your budget, you could rent a classic Italian boat to see all the towns around the lake. You can dock and grab lunch or have a swim in the green lake at your leisure.

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