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5 walks to enjoy Hong Kong's red winter foliage

With the year of the rabbit nearly amongst us, we're celebrating the colour red this Chinese New Year and rounding up some of the best hikes to see some of Hong Kong's stunning winter foliage.

Let's hop right to it!

Kau Tam Tso

You will pass by this old hakka village of Kau Tam Tso, en-route to Tiu Tang Lung in Plover Cove Cove Country Park, and it is a less crowded spot to marvel at the red leaves of the sweet gum trees in Hong Kong - partly due to the level of difficulty to get to this spot. The entire trail from Wu Kau Tang Road and back, is approximately 10km and requires 4-5 hours of hiking, meaning that you can enjoy these beautiful trees and its surrounding scenery as nature intended!