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5 stream hikes to beat the summer heat

If you're looking to take the dogs out for a little explore during the warmer months, these stream hikes are just a few of our favourites, with the perfect mix of adventure, water and fun. *Note: When out exploring with your dogs during the summer, it is best to avoid walking around the middle of the day when it's hottest, and to ensure you bring plenty of water for both you and your dog. To recognise signs of heat stroke and how best to avoid them, read this blog here.

Braemar Hill

This is a nice family favourite on Hong Kong island , and easily accessible from Braemar Hill Road. Once at the top of the stairs, follow the trail to the left until you reach the stream and follow the it uphill along a mixture of dirt paths and rocks till you get to the top. Here you have the option to turn left towards Quarry Bay, or head right towards Mount Butler to loop back to where you started - or, if it's quite a hot day, we like to follow the stream back down the way we came to keep the dogs cool. Suitable for Beginners. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Lam Tei Irrigation Reservoir

Lam Tei Irrigation Reservoir, is a well kept secret tucked in the valley of Tuen Mun. The only difficulty from this walk may come from navigating the village houses to reach Chui Fuk Road, and finding the path to the right of the construction site to the start of this walk. The trail starts off with a few stairs to climb the dam of the reservoir, but once along the reservoir, there is a nice dirt path for you to follow with plenty of side exits to take a dip in the stream and rock pools. You have the option of joining the Tuen Mun Trail once the path steers away from the stream, but we like to turn back here to give the dogs a little more playing time in the stream.

Suitable for Beginners.

Ma Dai Stream

This is a favourite amongst rock climbers, and has plenty of rock pools and water features to enjoy along the way. The trail, which involves a lot of clambering on rocks can be challenging for humans at the best of times, which is why we only recommend this route for the more advanced and agile human-dog hiking partners.

Advanced. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Tsing Tai Stream

This is a walk where you can't avoid getting wet as it requires you to walk in and along the stream, so do come prepared and wear your best water shoes. There are some pretty interesting dam structures, and plenty of pools and mini falls to take in along the way, and the backdrop of the Castle Peak area is unlike any other in Hong Kong.

Suitable for Intermediate. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Wong Lung Hang Stream

This can be the most treacherous stream trek in Hong Kong, but if you follow our guide here and turn around as soon as you hit the Wong Lung Hang falls, this trek is suitable for intermediate to advanced walkers. The trail starts off on a country park road, and caution must be taken here as there are a group of village dogs that live up in the hillside at the start. Once off the concrete road, the trek follows the stream at a slight incline and involves clambering in the water, and over rocks, so best come prepared to get wet. The refreshingly cool pool and waterfall at the end make it all worthwhile. Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

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