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How to hike Wong Lung Hang Stream with dogs

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

You have probably heard many things about this stunning hike, also known as Yellow Dragon Stream, out in Lantau - and with good reason. This beautiful trek follows a stream, which includes several stunning waterfalls and impressive rockfaces. However, the full 15 km trek can be incredibly treacherous, requiring some rock climbing and scaling, and has resulted in some fatal accidents. This trek should not be attempted by the inexperienced explorer. However, with that being said, the start of this trail is rather stunning and can still be enjoyed by intermediate hikers exploring with their dogs. So long as you follow this guide, and don't attempt anything silly, this should be a nice, gentle stream trek for you and the pups to cool off!


Distance: <4 kilometres approx.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Total ascent: 160 metres

Total time: 2-3 hours approx. (including rests) Shaded? None Water? Freshwater stream and waterfalls Verdict: Best not attempted during or after heavy rain

The start

The walk starts along the Wong Lung Hang Road. If you are lucky and go early enough, you may find some parking spots in a tiny parking bay near the start of the road, to your right. Alternatively, it's a 2km walk from Tung Chung MTR station, however, if going by taxi, simply asked to be dropped off at the gate. From here, walk along the paved road, past Wong Lung Hang Picnic site on your left, until you come to a fork. Here, you have the option to turn off to join a country trail to your right, or head down to the stream on your left. Take the path to your left towards the stream. You will see a dam straight ahead of you, however, you want to follow the stream to your right.

Eventually, you will hit another dam (pictured left) - simply take the mossy steps to the left of this to continue along the stream. Once you are past this point, the trek is pretty straight forward, and you simply follow the main stream until you hit the waterfall. The path involves hopping from rock to rock, and occasionally getting into the water. Although there is limited shade on this trek, there are plenty of picturesque pools along the way, for you and the dogs to take a dip and cool off.

At the Waterfall

About an hour into the walk, you will hit a rather magnificent waterfall and pool, with the Chinese characters "黄龍瀑" (Wong Lung Pu) etched on the rock, meaning Yellow Dragon Waterfall. This signifies the end of the walk for those of us exploring with dogs, and we recommend you simply retrace your steps back whence you came, towards Wong Lung Hang Road, when you are ready. Most people that do this walk, continue on to a path to the left of the falls, which involves a vertical climb to continue on to the rest of the eight hour trail. We DO NOT advise you attempt this, especially if you are with dogs. As mentioned previously, this walk has seen some fatal accidents, and we do not recommend continuing on from this point.

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