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Where to see bamboo forests in Hong Kong

Shinrin-yoku, also known as 'forest bathing', is a originally a Japanese therapeutic relaxation method where one spends time in a forest or the great outdoors to connect with nature. Although we're some way from Japan, there are some stunning bamboo forests in Hong Kong that you can explore - here are just a few of our favourites!

Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk

This Family Walk is a very gentle loop around the Ho Pui Reservoir and makes for a nice quick walk. The loop itself is 2.1km and takes an average of 28 minutes to complete, but first you need to clamber up a concrete road from the village to get to the starting point, so the whole walk could take around an hour and a half to complete at a leisurely pace.

Length: 4.9km Time to complete: 1.5 hours Click here for trail

Ma On Shan

Ma On Shan has plenty of bamboo groves dotted around the country park, but the most notable and beautiful bamboo tunnels are along the Mau Ping Ancient Trail (6.3km) and Pak Kong Ancient Trail (5.4km) which you can do separately or combine for a longer walk. Not only can you find these stunning groves in the forest, but you can find abandoned villages, twisting tree vines and haunting mine tunnels!

Length: 10.39km Time to complete: 3 hours

Yuen Tun Ha

This point-to-point walk in Tai Po covers an abandoned village in the foothills of Tai Mo Shan, and includes Yin Ngan, which is said to be one of the longest and luscious natural bamboo tunnels in Hong Kong. The full route takes four and a half hours to complete, though there are plenty of offshoots to explore and take in these long stemmed beauties.

Length: 10.62km Time to complete: 4.5 hours Click here for trail

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail

This ancient trail used to serve as the main footpath to connect the settlements between Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan. Now, a popular trail for hikers, the 12.9km route has a small stretch with a bamboo tunnel to marvel at - amongst other sights, including a majestic balete tree.

Length: 12.9km

Time to complete: 4.5 hours

Lion Nature Education Park

If you fancy being amongst these giant flowering plants but don't fancy hiking, you can take your pups with you to visit the Lion Nature Education Park, just off Hiram's Highway in Sai Kung. The 34 hectare nature conservation is a great way to admire and learn about all nature has to offer and makes for a great day out. Lion Nature Education Park, (+852) 2792 2234

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