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Our favourite camping spots in Hong Kong

With the pleasant drop in temperature around this time of the year and campsites opening back up again, there’s only a small window to enjoy camping in Hong Kong, before it gets hot again.

Of the 41 designated camping spots in Hong Kong, we've highlighted a few of our favourite camping spots below, with amenities nearby, to make camping with your dog that little bit easier!

Ham Tin

Ham Tin is a popular spot for beach-goers and campers, and for obvious reasons - it's a short walk to swimming hole, Sheung Luk Stream, has restaurants right on the beach and is sandwiched between Sai Wan and Tai Long Wan beach - two other great camping spots. For this reason, Ham Tin can sometimes get a bit crowded, but the quieter Tai Long Wan beach next door, is a short hike away and is a beautiful long stretch of beach, which attracts the occasional surfer.

Alternatively, you also have Sai Wan to the other side, which also has restaurants and camping gear to rent. You can either hike in or catch a speedboat from Sai Kung Public Pier to take you right to the beach, but it's best to call ahead to book as the water can sometimes be a bit choppy in the winter months meaning that the speedboats won't run on these days.

Lower Cheung Sha Beach

Lower Cheung Sha is a beautiful long stretch of beach on Lantau island with government beach facilities nearby for campers and visitors to utilise. It is also close enough to neighbouring Upper Cheung Sha beach which has restaurants and water sports gear rental, Long Coast Seasports, nearby to keep you well-fed and entertained before you retire back to your campsite for the night. Just be sure to note that dogs are not allowed on the gazetted sections of Upper Cheung Sha beach, and you may get the occasional herd of Water Buffalo passing through!

Pak Lap Wan

Although slightly more difficult to get to than the other camping spots we've listed, as it requires you grab a taxi from Pak Tam Chung into Sai Kung Country Park, it is only a short walk away from the road. Once on the beach, you practically have everything you need as the kiosk owned by Pak Lap Wan Academy, not only offer food, but also rent out camping gear and water sports equipment - and not to mention, also have facilities for you to wash up. You could practically rock up with nothing, and still be able to camp - but we don't recommend you do that! The stunning Mok Min Cave nearby also makes for a fun little explore during your downtime! Highly recommend it!

Tung Lung Chau

Tung Lung Island or Tung Lung Chau, is a short 40 minute ferry ride from Sai Wan Ho or Lei Yue Mun, and has plenty for the explorer to see and do, with ancient rock carvings, hidden caves and restored forts to visit. There are two small restaurants on the island - South Garden Store and Tung Lung Chau Holiday Store - to ensure you're stocked up and well-fed. With the designated campsite on the North side of the island, it's best for those planning to camp overnight get off at Tung Lung Chau North Pier - the second stop on the ferry service. This area is also a popular spot for rock climbers and zip-liners to gather, which also makes for an entertaining spectacle once you've set up camp.

Tung Ping Chau

This beautiful, remote island is closer to China than it is Hong Kong, and requires visitors to hop on an hour and a half long ferry ride from Ma Liu Shui Pier. For such a long journey, with limited ferry times, camping on the island is worth it purely to experience the island at a leisurely pace and outside peak hours, away from the crowds. This UNESCO Global Geopark offers unique scenic landscapes unlike any other in Hong Kong, for its crystal clear water, siltstones and wave-cut platforms. Although uninhabited, there are a couple of family-run restaurants on the island, and public facilities for visitors to use. Just note that due to its close proximity to China, your mobile network may be disrupted from time to time!

Ready for that camping trip? Here's what you'll need to pack!

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