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How to Hike West Dog's Teeth with dogs

West Dog’s Teeth on Lantau Island has been dubbed “the hardest hike in Hong Kong,” and although we advise only advanced hikers attempt this trail for the level of scrambling involved, we would rank West Dog’s Teeth high up there in terms of fun, views, and adventure!


West Dog’s Teeth makes up one of three ridge lines that connect to the south of Lantau Peak, forming Kau Nga Ling (狗牙嶺), which literally means “Dog’s Teeth Ridge.”

The trail gets its name from the resemblance of the jagged ridge lines to the lines of teeth in a dog’s jaw, and is considered challenging, requiring lots of scrambling and climbing up over rocks. Although a challenge, it is passable with dogs, though they may require assistance up or down certain sections of the trail, so a harness is advised. It meets with Middle Dog’s Teeth Range along a narrow and precarious pathway, aptly named “One Lifeline” (一線生機) - a route we DO NOT advise taking with your dog.

Distance: 8.7 kilometres

Difficulty: Advanced

Total ascent: 938 metres