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How to hike Ng Tung Chai Waterfall

Ng Tung Chai waterfalls (梧桐寨瀑布) is a stunning, jungle trek that is broken up into three sections; Bottom, Middle and Main falls. Although a challenging walk, this trail is quite popular amongst hikers, and the beauty of the falls make this spot unlike anywhere else in Hong Kong.


Distance: 5 kilometres approx. Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced Total ascent: 418 metres approx. Total time: 3 hours approx.

The walk starts along Ng Tung Chai Village path, and will follow a concrete path until you reach Man Tak Yuen Temple, which marks the start of your ascent along the trail towards Ng Tung Chai. Those of you driving can try your luck parking in this little bay here, along Ng Tung Chai Road.

Bottom Falls

The starting point of this trail is to the left of Man Tak Yuen Temple, and from this point onwards, the trail is relatively shaded and follows a mostly dirt path. You can reach the first of the falls within 20 to 30 minutes, and have to take a short detour down some steps to see Bottom Falls. Scramble over some rocks to get a closer look at the falls, and even take a dip in the little pool. Some intrepid hikers may even attempt to scale the rockface to gain access to another pool just above this, though do be careful - it's very slippery!

Ascend back up the steps to rejoin the trail to....

Middle Falls

Continue along the main path and you will arrive at the Middle Falls within 5 to 10 minutes.

A short detour of the main path leads you to this equally stunning, but far grander waterfall.

This spot makes for a good pit stop as the next leg of the trail is slightly more challenging.

Head back to the main path and brace yourself for the next leg.

Main Falls

The path between Middle Falls and Main Falls is quite narrow and steep, which can be an issue if you encounter another group coming in the opposite direction. The climb itself can also be quite challenging, but you have already come this far, so might as well push on to see the tallest part of the falls. Once here, you can cool off in the rock pool beneath the falls, or continue on to the right to visit Scatter Fall, which sits right above.

Parts of this trail can be even more challenging than what you have just experienced, however, so if you can't muster up more energy to tackle this section, we advise retracing your steps and coming back down the way you came. If you fancy a challenge, follow the trail as seen in the map above, but be sure to follow the direction as shown in the map, as doing this in reverse can be quite the challenge!

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