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How to complete 30km in one month

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

It's no secret that being in nature can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and help boost our mood - throw in walkies with your furry companion and (we think) you have winning formula! This March, we're proud to be supporting partners of Mind HK's Move it for Mental Health challenge to complete 30km in nature, between March 1st - 31st, and raise funds for Mind HK's iACT programme - to help make mental health support services more easily accessible.

It can be challenging to find new routes sometimes, which is why we've suggested a few ways to help you hit your 30km target before the end of the month. It's free to join the challenge! All you need to do is register via before March 12th and hit the trails! Start now!


5km routes

Break your 30km challenge into six 5km walks or runs throughout the month with these suggested routes;

Hong Kong Trail: Section 3 - Aberdeen (5.3km) - Av. time: 1 hour 30 min

Little Hawaii Trail (5.1km) - Av. time: 1 hour 37 min Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Loop (5km) - Av. time: 1 hour 37 min

Ping Nam Stream Trail (5km) - Av. time: 1 hour 43 min

Pok Fu Lam Reservoir to The Peak (4.7km) - Av. time: 1 hour 44 min

Tai Tam Country Trail (5.3km) - Av. time: 2 hours


7.5km routes

If you prefer to hike once a week, you can tackle the 30km by completing one 7.5km hike every weekend! Below are a few suggested routes to get your started - Simples!

Needle Hill Trail (7.9km) - Av. time: 3 hour 2 min Quarry Bay Trail (7.6km) - Av. time: 2 hour 43 min

Robin's Nest Trail (7.7km) - Av. time: 3 hour 3 min

Sir Cecil's Ride Loop (7.6km) - Av. time: 2 hour 20 min

Tai Po Kau Brown Loop (7.7km) - Av. time: 2 hour 31 min Wilson Trail: Section 4 - Lion Rock Country Park (7.7km) - Av. time: 3 hour 5 min


10km routes

If you can manage 3-4 hours of hiking in one go, then perhaps you can tackle a 10km route for three weekends, and have one weekend to rest;

Lion Rock to Kowloon Peak (10km) - Av. time: 3 hour Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (10km) - Av. time: 3 hour Tai Po Kau Yellow Loop (10.3km) - Av. time: 3 hour 12 min

Wilson Trail: Section 7 - Shing Mun Country Park (10.1km) - Av. time: 3 hour 15 min

Wu Kau Tang - Lai Chi Wo Loop (11.6km) - Av. time: 3 hour 13 min Yun Tun Ha - Route Twisk (10.6km) - Av. time: 4 hour 21 min

Need a little motivation? We'll be hiking Tai Po Kau on Saturday, March 25th! Register here to take part and choose between the 7.7km brown loop or the 10.3km yellow loop! To receive updates via WhatsApp, join our Exploring Dogs Whatsapp community here.


About Mind HK

Mind HK is a mental health charity here to ensure no one in Hong Kong has to face a mental health problem alone. Through resources, training, and outreach campaigns and programmes, their work helps to raise awareness of mental health and reduce the associated stigma, with the aim of achieving the best mental health for all in Hong Kong. With existing collaboration and research efforts, Mind HK is here to support Hong Kong in becoming a global leader and regional model for public mental health.


To learn more about the "Move It for Mental Health" challenge, visit Mind HK's website and register via

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