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8 Funky Animal Rock Formations in Hong Kong

Rock formations not only give us an insight into what the earth was like in the past, but the cool shapes and colours that form are also pretty cool to look at. It's even more spectacular when mother nature carves out a shape we all recognise, and in this blog we look at eight rock formations that have an uncanny resemblance to animals!

Piggy Rock

Just off the beaten track in Castle Peak, you will find two fantastic photo opps for the price of one. Follow the trail to Cross Stone on google maps, where you will find what appears to be a rock formation in the shape of a pig. Carefully clamber down into the rock opening and you will see the popular shot of the Cross Stone.

Dinosaur Monolith

This fantastic jurassic shot of the dinosaur monolith seems to pop out of nowhere on the Hong Pak trail in Quarry Bay, but it sure makes for a great snap, and is a very easy trail for hikers. The entire trail takes just over two hours to complete, but if you were just hoping to see the jurassic rock, you can find it bookmarked on google maps here.

Duck's Eye

This aptly named sea arch, situated on Ap Chau (which literally translates into 'Duck Island') is a popular spot for people to visit as Hong Kong's smallest inhabited island. The island made up of the sedimentary rock, ochre breccia, which is unique to the island and lends it its special red tinge and rocky terrain. To get here, you'll need to catch the 1.5 hour ferry journey to Kat O and Ap Chau, from Ma Liu Shui. Check out the Transport Department's website for more details on ferry times here.

Lizard Rock

Out in Ma On Shan you will find many interesting rock formations, particularly along the Shek Lung Tsai Stone Forest, where you may find number of fun scrabbly routes to take. Amongst some of the interesting stones you will find the aptly named Lizard Rock, which is in the shape of the four-legged reptile - or, if that's not big enough for you, find the Crocodile Mouth rock, where you can take a snap of yourselves in the jaws of the beast (pictured). Finish your explore with a little pit stop at the stunning Ma On Shan Ngong Ping campsite and, if you are lucky, you'll get a little show of paragliders sailing through the wind.

Rhino Rock

This unofficial trail in Stanley makes for a really quick explore to the uniquely shaped Rhino Rock. The 1.4km out-and-back trail used to start right beside the Stanley Barracks, but this has since been boarded off as it remains an active base of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Ground Force. Find alternative routes up to the site using the app AllTrails here.

Shark Fin Stone

Cheung Chau always makes for a great day out. Explore the South West of Cheung Chau island where you will find the Shark Fin Stone, Reclining Rock and the popular Cheung Po Tsai Cave - infamously named after the 19th century pirate who was rumoured to have stashed his stolen treasures in the narrow underground cave.

Enjoy the coastal scenery and enjoy all the island has to offer in street snacks and refreshments before catching the ferry back home.

Shark Rock

Not a fan of Shark Fin? What about the whole shark? In the middle of Fei Ngo Shan (which literally translates into 'Flying Goose Mountain') you will find a rock with the likeness to a great white shark's head. Overtime, the rock has attracted many hikers who have jokingly added miniature rocks into the mouth of the shark to give it teeth. The hike out to this rock takes a quick 25 minutes, and you can couple it with a visit to the 'Hollow Tree' if you follow this guide by Drone & DSLR.

Lion Rock

Last but definitely not least, we can't forget the most iconic rock formation of all and the pride and joy of the Hong Kong people, Lion Rock! This popular rock is located between Kowloon Tong and Tai Wai, and is best viewed from afar, but if you wish to endure the 495m climb, you can enjoy 360° views of the city from the head of the Lion.

There are a number of routes up to the top, but the quickest and most direct way to the Lion Rock Head is from Temple Hill Fat Jong Temple via the steps behind Fung Wong Fresh Water Service Reservoir, which takes roughly an hour.

Happy Exploring!

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