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8 of our favourite rock pools in Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

There's nothing like finding a sweet little rock pool to plunge into during your adventures. Some of these walks require a good deal of hiking before you get to the pool so do be mindful of this when out exploring with your dogs during the summer. It is best to avoid walking around the middle of the day when it's hottest, and to ensure you bring plenty of water for both you and your dog.

If you're looking for something with a bit more water, check out 5 stream hikes to beat the summer heat, and be sure to familiarise yourselves with signs of heat stroke here.

Ap Lei Pai

The hike over Mount Johnston is no easy feat as it requires scrambling and climbing up (and down) the steep hillside of exposed scree that is Mount Johnston, and then over Ap Lei Pai, before the sweet relief of diving into this natural rock pool by the sea. Once you're done, you can hike back the way you came or catch a sampan back to town, though caution must be taken here as the waves can be strong if the swells are high, and hikers have previously been swept away from the nearby pier.

Intermediate to Advanced. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Braemar Hill

This rock pool is a favourite given its accessibility and can get quite packed on weekends despite its size. The pool can be found along a beginner-friendly stream hike which involves some scrambling, and the pool has been fortified by humans over the years to allow it to collect more water, and is deep enough to wade in, but not for cliff-jumping.

Beginner to Intermediate. For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Grass Island

Grass Island, also known as Tap Mun, is known for camping and its thriving cow population, but we love it for the man-made pool right on the beach, South-West of the island. Catch the ferry or charter a speedboat from Wong Shek Pier, and take a short 20 minute walk, following the path to the right from Tap Mun Pier to enjoy the sheltered oasis. If you hit Wave Stepper Pavillion, you've gone too far. Bring your googles and swim gear so you can (respectfully) explore the corals and fish that call this pool home.


Kau Sai Chau

You might not think to explore the island of Kau Sai Chau as a majority of the island has been taken over by the Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course. But if you charter a speedboat to the beach of Kau Sai Wan, there are some lovely man-made pools to the right of the beach that are thoroughly enjoyable to take a dip in. Just be sure you don't try to scale the waterfall as this can be tricky even for humans!


Ma Dai Stream

Ma Dai Stream is a great stream walk which guarantees plenty of little pools to dip in along the way, but it's the rock pool at the very end that many hikers and climbers flock to to seek reprieve from the summer heat. As stunning as this stream is, it is only best attempted by advanced hikers and their pups as a lot of the stream requires climbing over big boulders, and dogs will require assistance.

Advanced only! For more information on this hike, check out this blog here.

Sharp Island

Sharp Island's little man-made pool is tucked away on the coastline, and requires coasteering along the South-West of the island, to the left of Hap Mun Bay pier. Coasteering itself can be tricky, which is why we only advise advanced explorers attempt this, especially if going with dogs, as certain spots require you to lift your dog or even get in the water. Catch a $40 sampan from Sai Kung to Hap Mun Bay and duck under the railings to your left and make your way along the coast until you reach this beautiful oasis!

Advanced only!

Sheung Luk Stream

Sheung Luk Stream, or more commonly known as the Sai Kung rock pools, is a popular destination for Sai Kung beach goers and consists of 4 consecutive rock pools just off the coast of Sai Wan. You can catch a taxi into Sai Wan Pavilion, and hike into Sai Wan Beach or alternatively catch a speedboat from Sai Kung to one of the neighboring beaches for a shorter journey in. A quick scramble along the rocks and you'll find yourself at the freshwater pools and falls. Head back to Sai Wan beach when you're done for some food and light refreshments.


Wang Chau

This island is only for the extreme explorers out there and requires catching a speedboat to the South-West tip of the island to get to the isolated rock pool of Wang Chau. Although absolutely stunning, this island is not for the faint-hearted and requires coasteering along the rugged coastline, and swimming in between channels. Experience as well as proper equipment, such as life vests for both humans (and dogs) are advised.

Advanced only!

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