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How to prepare for a sunrise hike with dogs

As you may already know, we’re planning our first ever sunrise hike with the pack to ring in the new year on January 1st! If you are unable to join us for this trip and would like to plan a sunrise hike of your own, here’s what you need to know!

Do your research

Map reading
Photo by Josh Hild (via Pexels)

Check the sunrise time in your area, and aim to arrive between 30 minutes to an hour in advanced to catch the change in colours and lighting. For example, if the sunrise is at 7am, try to arrive at your viewing point between 6 to 6:30am so you can catch the change in colours. Scout out your route and figure out how much time you will need to reach your viewing point. There is a calculator to help you figure out your walking pace here if needed. Just bear in mind that your moving time at night maybe slower than your average hiking pace during the day. Don’t attempt to go it alone, and always let someone know which route you plan on taking before setting off!

Are you all charged up?

Don’t rely on your mobile data to access your map. Be sure you either have a physical map on you or download the offline version to safely navigate your way around. A trail you maybe be familiar with in the daytime can be significantly different when you do it in the dark! With that being said, be sure to come equipped with a head lamp for yourself and a light collar for your dogs so you can spot them whilst out on the trail.* Ensure that you are all charged up or have spare batteries on you in the event that the power goes. *We have found that light collars as opposed to light fixtures work best, as this is most visible from all angles.

Come prepared

Depending on the season and location, you may find yourself a bit chilly whilst you’re waiting for the sun to come up. It’s always best to pack yourself a few layers so you can layer up – you will be surprised at the difference in temperature between hiking and sitting stationary as you wait for the sun to rise.

*The same might apply to your dog(s) so pack a spare shirt or blanket. Finally, once you have reached your destination, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a warm cup of tea or coffee as you wait for the sun to come up! Pack an insulated thermos for your hot drink and breakfast, and don’t forget to bring some well-earned treats for the dogs too. And last but definitely not least – have fun!


Want to do a sunrise hike with the pack? We'll be hiking Sunset Peak on January 1st to catch the first sunrise of 2024! Sign up here to join us now!

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